• Stone Ground Almond Butter - Cocoa Espresso

Stone Ground Almond Butter - Cocoa Espresso

Fellow food snobs,

We have brought you the perfect health snack – delicious yet guilt-free. A stone-ground almond butter made from California almonds that are carefully blanched for that extra creamy smooth texture. Packed with all the nutrition benefits you’re searching for and none of the additives you’re worried about. 

Cocoa Espresso: 

A collaboration between two San Diego based companies. A Nu Way has teamed up with Seven Seas roasting, a specialty coffee producer with a strong understanding of the importance of roasting in small batches and a desire to treat farmers right. 
This limited edition delectable treat takes our smooth stone ground almond butter and combines it with high-quality Peruvian cocoa, Seven Seas Roasting espresso powder, and organic coconut sugar.


Ingredients: Stone Ground Almonds, Peruvian Cocoa, Organic Coconut Sugar, Espresso Powder
Storage: Refrigerate after opening
Oil separation will naturally occur, stir as needed
Allergen Info: 
Contains Almonds


 9 oz | 256g

Glass Jar (sometimes PET plastic due to availability from COVID)

  • $13.00